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  1. Capital Formation and Financial Strategy
    Thorough value opportunity assessment; Key levers identified to increase and accelerate value appreciation Alternative financing option assessment ( e.g. private and public equity, corporate partnering and debt, company sale)
  2. Partnering Strategy and BD Execution
    Deal constructs tailored to company strategic needs Partnering prospects and deal recommendations for various stages of technology or product advancement
  3. Business Executive Leadership
    Assess and help build business team, systems and processes to build great companies Mentor emerging business executives
  • What are your company’s main  value drivers and what near      term actions could significantly increase or accelerate value        appreciation?
  • Specific to your company’s     mission and portfolio, what are the advantages and               disadvantages of each of the     financing alternatives (e.g.       private and public  equity,           corporate partnering and debt)?
  • How can you best ensure that   your alliance delivers the         promised results and creates   opportunities for future, more   valuable collaboration?
  • Given your company’s mission    and strategy, what deal              constructs and terms should      you request/require?
  • What are the therapeutic and      commercial opportunities for     your programs/technology?
  • What are your company’s           mission, strategy and                  unique assets that you will         bring to investors, partners,       KOLs and patients?
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